Flight PS752
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Plane in Iran hit by two missiles

PS752, © Ukraine Presidential Office, Press Service

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NEW YORK - The "New York Times" has published security camera footages that show what seems to be the Ukrainian plane being hit by two missiles.

It is not clear what part of the plane was hit by the first missile but flames could be seen and the transponder stopped working. The second missile was fired about 23 secondes later and hit the plane before it crashed.

Iran admits that it unintentionally shot down the Ukrainian plane. It seems that the missiles involved were SA 15 Russian made missiles.

PS752 brought down by two Iranian missiles, © YSL

Last Thursday the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson, his British counterpart, said that intelligence sources had shown that the Ukrainian plane had been shot down by a missile. They said it may not have been intentional and called for an investigation.
© Reuters, aero.uk | 15/01/2020 09:06

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