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Air France-KLM takes first corona hit

KLM Boeing 787-10
KLM Boeing 787-10, © KLM
PARIS - Air France KLM reported on Tuesday a drop in group passenger numbers for February compared to a year ago, as the global airline industry suffers from the coronavirus outbreak.

Air France KLM carried just under 7 million passengers last month, down 0.5% from a year earlier, but warned the impact of the coronavirus would show up more in the coming months.

"February 2020 traffic figures reflect essentially the suspension of all flights to and from China and the COVID-19 initial impact in Asia.

The following months will be more impacted given the expansion of COVID-19 on other parts of the world and the extension of capacity reduction," Air France KLM said in a statement.
© Reuters, | 10/03/2020 09:11

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