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Heathrow reports weak February traffic

London Heathrow Terminal 2
London Heathrow Terminal 2, © Heathrow Airports Limited

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LONDON - Heathrow airport reports a decline in passenger and cargo numbers for the month of February. The airport braces for a continued decrease.

"Passenger numbers fell to 5.4 million, down 4.8 percent on last year after adjusting for the extra leap day, due to lower demand on Asian and European routes," the airport said. "Demand has continued to weaken going into March and Heathrow expects a further year-on-year decrease in coming weeks."

Cargo volumes were also in the red by 9,5 percent. "The threat of coronavirus is an increasing challenge for the UK and we are working day and night to ensure Britain`s front door is open and safe for our people and passengers," said airport CEO John Holland-Kaye.
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