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Lufthansa keeps flight students grounded through 2020

Lufthansa Aviation Training Diamond DA-42
Lufthansa Aviation Training Diamond DA-42, © Lufthansa

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PHOENIX - Lufthansa flight school EFA suspends all training operations "at least" until 2021 citing a second spike of Covid-19 cases in the U.S. and dire mid-term career prospects for cadet pilots. Yet, EFA remains "convinced" that job market perspectives for pilots will eventually improve along with industry recovery.

"Lack of pilot demand and operational adjustments": EFA will keep its pilot training courses closed through 2020. Students complete some parts of flight training in Arizona, but the "rapid spreading" of Covid-19 cases in southern U.S. is only one of the reasons for EFA to extend its shutdown.

Covid-19 fallout on aviation turned the pilot job marked form shortage to surplus within months and Lufthansa needs to adapt. "Group airlines will have no demand for new pilots in the forseeable future," EFA said in a statement to aero.uk.

About 800 students are currently enrolled with EFA. The school will not start any new courses for the time being and discuss options for a "free termination of training contracts" with students who want to reconsider their career choices and leave the programme.

Yet, it is not all gloom and doom. "We remain convinced that market demand will pick up again in the long term and this will improve career prospects for pilots," EFA said. "However, we expect that it will take several years for the international aviation industry to recover to pre-crisis levels."
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