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Lufthansa reignites business travel at London City Airport

Lufthansa Cityline Bombardier CRJ900LR
Lufthansa Cityline Bombardier CRJ900, © Lufthansa

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LONDON - London City Airport and Lufthansa have announced that flights between central London and Frankfurt will resume at the start of September. The German airline will commence two flights a day between the two global financial centres from Monday 7th September in a bid to restore business travel.

Lufthansa returns to the Docklands. "The resumption of our Frankfurt route is a significant milestone for London City Airport and a positive sign for the UK’s and Europe’s economic recovery, restoring a very popular connection between two of the world’s most important financial centres", the airport`s Head of Aviation, Anne Doyere, said.

Lufthansa will initially operate two flights a day between London City Airport and Frankfurt, offering passengers the opportunity to connect into the airline’s wider international route network from its Frankfurt hub. When combined with its subsidiaries, Lufthansa is the second largest airline in Europe in terms of passengers carried.

"We have already seen demand from passengers to travel, especially for a summer holiday after months of lockdown," Doyere said. "As restrictions continue to ease, with businesses increasing activity and more people getting back to work, we anticipate demand for business travel on routes such as this will grow as we head into the autumn. Lufthansa’s decision to resume this route with twice-daily flights demonstrates their confidence in that too."

London City Airport temporarily suspended flights for nearly three months between 25th March and 21st June, in response to the escalating public health crisis and government lockdown measures. During that period, the airport worked behind the scenes to create a safe environment.
© | Image: London City Airport | 04/08/2020 07:52

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