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Wizz Air UK to press British government on Gatwick slots

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LONDON - Wizz Air is looking to take over idle slots at London Gatwick airport from competitors. The UK branch of the Hungarian airline asks the government to reconsider a suspension of the "use it or lose it" principle - and allow growth. The move could see Wizz Air UK operate one in five Gatwick slots.

Wizz Air UK grows increasingly frustrated over suspended slot allocation rules as the airline is looking to grap market share at Gatwick.

"Norwegian hasn't really been operating its base here and Easyjet is operating a fraction of its fleet," Wizz Air UK head Owain Jones told "The Mail on Sunday". "You have significant slot portfolios not being operated (...) and yet these slots remain tied up until the end of March."

Wizz Air UK could eventually serve one in five Gatwick slots, if the growth plans of the carrier materialize. Virgin Atlantic, Easyjet, British Airways and Norwegian relocated or suspended Gatwick flights when the coronavirus pandemic took its toll on demand.
© | Image: Airbus | 28/10/2020 15:59

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