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Stobart Air faces liquidation

Stobart Air ATR 72-600
Stobart Air ATR 72-600, © Rob Hodgkins, CCBYSA

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DUBLIN - Hit hard by the Corona crisis, Irish regional airline Stobart Air ceased all its flight operations Friday. The airline will enter liquidation proceedings, its owner Esken said in a statement. A sale attempt had recently failed. The airline with 480 employees operated wet-lease flights for Aer Lingus.

Stobart Air ceases operations. The airline, founded as Aer Arann in 1970, had operated hardly any flights after the outbreak of the pandemic, partner Aer Lingus said.

Stobart Air had offered regional flights in Ireland, the UK and Western Europe before the crisis. The airline operated most of its routes under wet lease with Aer Lingus.

Recently, business picked up again - after the suspension of Stobart Air flight operations Friday, hundreds of passengers at Belfast Airport were left stranded. Aer Lingus had to fill the gap at short notice.
© | Image: Rob Hodgkins, CCBYSA | 13/06/2021 07:38

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