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Ryanair could see job losses if flights grounded beyond May

Michael O`Leary
Michael O`Leary, © Ryanair

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LONDON - Ryanair may see job losses if flights remain grounded due to coronavirus restrictions on travel beyond May, Chief Executive Michael O'Leary said on Friday.

O'Leary has said that the airline group assumes flights will stay grounded until a "limited" resumption in June.

"We've kept almost everybody in employment at the moment, with the benefit thankfully of the various payroll support schemes ... We're topping it up where we can. So we are ready to come back pretty quickly," O'Leary told Sky News.

"We've certainly guaranteed all of our people that we would maintain the payroll through April and through May. If it continues beyond that, I think we would have to look at some job losses."
© Reuters, | 24/04/2020 15:13

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