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Post-Covid outlook

CAE expects pilot job market to recover by late 2021

CAE expects pilot job market to recover by late 2021
LONDON - Flight training provider CAE expects a robust return of pilot demand as early as late 2021. According to its recently updated market outlook, the global airline pilot population will grow from 333,000 in 2019 to 426,000 by 2029 - with a wave of retirements brightening career prospects for young pilots.»

Pilot Career Events

Flight Training
October 12, 2019 - Frankfurt Airport

"Be a Pilot" Screening Day 2019

Air traffic growth stimulates pilot demand among airlines. While airline-mentored ab initio programs return to the flight training market, independent flight schools offer alternative and attractive paths into the industry.

aero.uk will co-host Be a pilot Screening Day 2019 in Frankfurt/M, Germany - a one-day venue with an FTO exhibition site and expert presentations on the current flight training landscape.»


Date: Oct. 12th 2019, 10.00 - 17.00
Place: The Squaire, Frankfurt Airport, Germany
Website: www.screeningday.de (German)
Tickets: en.xing-events.com/UEESHTB.html

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Covid-19 crisis

L3 Harris to close New Zealand flight school

HAMILTON - End of operation for one of New Zealand`s big flight schools: L3 Airline Academy at Hamilton airport will close by February 2021 as a direct consequence of an industry meltdown in the Covid-19 crisis.

Student pilots sacked by British FTO find new school

Student pilots sacked by British FTO find new schoolSORIA - FlyBy, a pilot training provider based in Spain, accepts 30 new cadets previously released from a British flight school in Portugal. Amid a difficult job market for pilots, FlyBy invests in second flight training base in northern Spain - and remains upbeat for an eventual industry rebound.

Not all gloom for aviation training

Not all gloom for aviation trainingLONDON - Aviation training specialists, which saw simulator sales plummet when the coronavirus pandemic brought air travel to a near halt, are getting some relief from an uptick in demand from cargo carriers and airlines gearing up for the 2021 Boeing 737 MAX's return to service.

Lufthansa keeps flight students grounded through 2020

Lufthansa keeps flight students grounded through 2020PHOENIX - Lufthansa flight school EFA suspends all training operations "at least" until 2021 citing a second spike of Covid-19 cases in the U.S. and dire mid-term career prospects for cadet pilots. Yet, EFA remains "convinced" that job market perspectives for pilots will eventually improve along with industry recovery.
Shortage turns to surplus

Cadet pilots face uncertain future

Cadet pilots face uncertain futureLONDON - Mark, 34, quit his job as a town planner in London last year to start flight-training school, buoyed by a conditional offer of employment with budget carrier Easyjet at a time when the airline industry was desperately short of pilots. The coronavirus pandemic has changed all that.

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