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Union mulls strike at Airbus UK factories

Airbus Broughton, © Airbus

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LONDON - Workers at Airbus’ factories in Broughton in North Wales and Filton in South West England have begun balloting for industrial action in a dispute over pay. Still, the union hopes for "Airbus to return to the negotiating table" and "a mutually acceptable agreement can be reached".

"The dispute is a result of the company making an unacceptably low pay offer to the workers for 2021, following a pay freeze in 2020," union Unite said. "Despite extensive negotiations, Airbus has failed to increase its offer to a level that workers are able to support."

Airbus and the union are tied up in a dispute on long-term pay. "At the height of the pandemic workers at Airbus accepted a pay freeze", Unite aerospace officer Rhys McCarthy said. "As the sector returns to normality, coupled with high inflation and increased living costs, workers deserve a fair pay increase."

Workers are balloting for industrial action "as a last resort due to negotiations having stalled," McCarthy said.
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