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Easyjet suspends Tel Aviv flights

Easyjet Airbus A320neo
Easyjet Airbus A320neo, © Airbus
TEL AVIV - Easyjet suspends its Tel Aviv route through October. According to insiders, the route does not support point to point traffic for the time being.

Easyjet is canceling all flights to Tel Aviv through the summer. Flights to Israel will be available again after October 27. Existing tickets will be canceled.

While some airline cite safety concerns in the wake of the Iranian attack on Israel for the suspension of Israel flights, Easyjet might also face sluggish demand - according to insiders, Tel Aviv does not attract much point to point traffic for the time being.

Lufthansa resumed flights to Tel Aviv on Tuesday after a two-day pause. Tel Aviv is an important feeder route into the airlines's transit hubs Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna and Zurich.
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