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London – Dubai route faces lengthy recovery

Emirates Airbus A380
Emirates Airbus A380, © Ingo Lang

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LONDON - The UK will allow global flights by May 17 again as PM Boris Johnson is eager to open the country. The London - Dubai route - at one point the most vibrant passenger service during the pandemic - might take months to recover its traffic as travel restrictions continue to curb demand.

"The health of the UK - UAE market will be inextricably linked to whether there is a UK - UAE air corridor and whether the UAE remains a red-listed country," Saj Ahmad of StrategicAero Research told "Arabian Business". Currently all UAE direct passenger services to the UK are suspended.

Emirates served the DXB - LHR route up to four times a day with an Airbus A380 by November 2020 and hopes for London to open up soon. Vaccination progress in the UAE and the UK might help spur demand from holiday makers.

Digital health checks will also be vital to a recovery in foreign travel from the Covid-19 pandemic, Heathrow airport said on Wednesday, after a collapse in passenger numbers saw it plunge to a 2 billion pound ($2.8 billion) loss last year.

The Government is also looking into a digital health passport or app to help ease restrictions, while conceding the benefits have to be weighed against potential risks to civil liberties.

But Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye said digital technology, and international agreements, would be vital to reviving a travel industry on its knees. "It's absolutely critical and that's one of the main things that government needs to work on," he said, when asked about a digital health app.
© with Reuters | Image: Airbus | 02/03/2021 08:16

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