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London Stansted to build new arrivals terminal

, © STN Airport
STANSTED - London Stansted Airport unveiled plans for a new £130 million arrivals building to improve the passenger experience. The building is the latest phase in the multi-million pound transformation programme by airport investor MAG to support future growth and attract new passengers and airlines.

Stansted is currently the busiest single terminal airport in the UK with up to 5,000 departing passengers alone passing through its doors every hour at peak times.

With passenger numbers expected to increase over the next decade, particularly with runway capacity constraints at other London airports, Stansted submitted a planning application for a new arrivals building designed to deliver new facilities to enhance the overall passenger and airline experience.

"The plan focuses on providing the airport with a high quality environment to support its continuing growth, from today’s 24 million passengers a year to the current planning limit of 35 million," the airport said. "The facility is designed to ensure that in the future the airport could make full use of its single runway and serve around 43 million passengers a year, as set out in Stansted’s 2015 Sustainable Development Plan."

The proposed 34,000 m2 building spans three levels and would be delivered inside the existing footprint of the airport, and located adjacent to the current terminal and the Radisson Blu Hotel. It will include plans for a larger immigration and baggage reclaim area, new retail facilities and a public forecourt to create a relaxing and welcoming environment for passengers.

"This facility will enable the current terminal building to be reconfigured and dedicated entirely to departing passengers, creating more space at check-in, security and within the international departures lounge", STN said.

Subject to the relevant planning consents and approvals, it is expected the arrivals building will take up to three years to complete with other improvements to the existing terminal due to be finished by 2022.
© | Image: STN Airport | 16/12/2016 12:50

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