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Ryanair expects most of Europe on green list

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DUBLIN - Ryanair expects the European Commission this week to unveil a new system of Covid-19 travel advice that will open up most regions of the continent to travel without quarantine, Chief Executive Eddie Wilson said. A regulatory patchwork in Europe caused Ryanair to curb its winter schedule.

The European Commission earlier this month proposed a common traffic light system for EU member states to coordinate border controls and remedy the current, confusing patchwork of coronavirus restrictions on travellers across Europe.

"I think you'll see the vast majority of Europe and UK returned into a green zone and then it'll be up to the individual health authorities to follow up on track and tracing them," Wilson told Ireland's RTE radio.

Ryanair curbed its traffic expectations last week citing regional differences in travel restrictions. The airline flagged a closure of its Irish bases in Shannon in Cork.
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