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Heathrow Airport faces three weeks of labor action

Heathrow Airport
Heathrow Airport, © Heathrow Airport

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LONDON - Unite has announced 41 strikes at Heathrow Airport citing a bitter dispute after the company's decision to fire and rehire its entire workforce, slashing pay and reducing conditions. "Targeted strike action" will begin on Friday 2 April and there will be 41 strikes over a 23 day period, with the final strike scheduled for Sunday 25 April.

"The targeted strike action will involve engineering, airside operations, landside operations, fire service, campus security and central terminal operations," the union said.

Each sector will be taking seven days of strike action. During the strike period at least one of the sectors will be on strike on most days.

The dispute is a result of Heathrow Airport Limited's decision to fire and rehire its 4,000 strong workforce, Unite said. "Workers have experienced pay cuts of up to £8,000 (25 per cent of earnings) and report being forced to downsize, move to cheaper areas or give up their car, as a result."

Unite has described the decision to fire and rehire the workers as being all about greed and not about need: "If this was about making savings due to the Covid-19 pandemic than pay cuts would have been temporary rather than permanent."
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