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Jet2 cancels all holiday operations through June

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MANCHESTER - Jet2 cancels holidays until June 24 citing planning uncertainties as the British travel restart plan fails to convince airlines and tour operators. Easyjet and Jet2 see a financial burden for families as mandatory PCR tests after holidays might inflate travel costs.

"After several weeks exploring how to restart international travel, with substantial assistance and input from the industry, the framework lacks any rigorous detail about how to get international travel going again," Jet2 said.  "We still do not know when we can start to fly, where we can fly to and the availability and cost of testing."

Other airlines still hope to restart international flying out of the UK by May 17 but share Jet2's frustration.

A traffic light system will guide the opening, according to the most recent government plan. Travellers to green countries will only be required to produce a negative PCR test upon return to the UK. Arrivals from amber and red countries trigger an automatic quarantine.

Jet2 and Easyjet see a financial burden for families as the tests would add about 400 pound to a holiday for a family of four.
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