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Traffic light system leaves travel industry frustrated

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LONDON - The British traffic light system faces an industry wide backlash. Airlines, airports and tour operators feel "stuck with a system not fit for purpose" that cannot be scrutinized or challenged. While British tourists were forced to end their summer vacations early, other countries continue to reopen travel.

"We were told the traffic light system would allow people to travel safely, with the right measures in place to manage risk for different countries," Manchester Airport Group CEO Charlie Cornish said. "But it is now clear the Government doesn’t trust its own system and that international travel is being unfairly scapegoated."

Low-risk destinations continue to be left off the green list "despite clear evidence they are safe to visit," Cornish said. "With case rates lower than the UK, we simply cannot understand why the likes of the Balearics, the Canaries and some Greek islands do not fall into that category."

Severeal other European countries including Spain, Greece and Germany have reopend summer holiday traffic as infection rates decreased.

"Instead, we’re stuck with a system that is clearly not fit for purpose and will deny people the opportunity to travel abroad safely this year," Cornish said. "The lack of transparency is shocking and totally unacceptable. If the Government has information that supports its decisions, then it needs to publish it. We have repeatedly asked for this data, but we are being left in the dark about how it is making these choices, with no opportunity for scrutiny or challenge."
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