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UK puts CAA in charge for noise control

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LONDON - The Secretary of State for Transport has announced the Government's intention to wind down the Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise (ICCAN) at the end of September 2021.

"In doing so, he has asked the UK Civil Aviation Authority to take on some of ICCAN's functions by 1 April 2022," CAA said. "We welcome the opportunity to increase the scope of our work on this issue, including by continuing much of ICCAN's technical, research and policy advisory functions."

Elements of ICCAN's work will not transfer to the Civil Aviation Authority given its wider regulatory role. The full scope and transfer of the activities that CAA will take over responsibility for" will be agreed over the coming months".

The Civil Aviation Authority recognises the impact aviation noise has on local communities and other stakeholders, and pledged to exercise these new responsibilities "with rigour and impartiality". "In addition, we remain committed to making sure the views of those who are overflown are taken into account in any airspace decisions that might affect them, alongside other factors that we must consider," CAA said.
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