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Heathrow Airport starts recruitment drive

Heathrow Airport
Heathrow Airport, © Heathrow Airport

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LONDON - Heathrow has begun recruiting for over 600 new frontline roles as the restart of transatlantic travel and easing of international restrictions boosts confidence in the aviation sector’s recovery. The reopening of the US travel markets stimulates demand in the core business of the airport.

While passenger numbers at the hub airport remain 56 percent down on pre-pandemic levels, the move to end the US travel ban has revived the airport, as the market accounts for 20 percent of Heathrow’s passenger traffic and 31 percent of the port’s cargo tonnage.

The airport is kicking off this recruitment drive now to ensure that it is well equipped to handle a predicted rise in passenger numbers ahead of next summer. 

Heathrow Chief People Officer, Paula Stannett said: "This is an incredible time to start a career in aviation and to be at the forefront of a world-class organisation determined to build back better as we recover from the impacts of the pandemic," Heathrow Chief People Officer, Paula Stannett said.

Mew security and engineering jobs will be among the first frontline roles to have been created at Heathrow since the start of the pandemic. The airport is recruiting for security officers, who will play a vital role in providing exceptional passenger service, while keeping a critical piece of the UK’s national infrastructure secure.

Heathrow is also advertising a wide variety of engineering opportunities for colleagues to help keep the airport running smoothly as passenger demand returns. 

The new recruits will undergo "an extensive training programme" in order to achieve the required security accreditations. The successful candidates for these positions will receive a competitive salary and attractive benefits package.
© | Image: Heathrow Airport | 15/11/2021 15:41

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