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Wizz Air and Gatwick push to end slot relief

London Gatwick Airport, © Vinci

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LONDON - The UK is about to decide whether or not to extend slot relief for airlines. 56 percent of people surveyed who are planning to fly in the next 12 months are concerned about airfares increasing if airport slot rules remain the same, according to a YouGov survey commissioned by Gatwick Airport and Wizz Air. 

"More than a quarter (28%) of these people surveyed also said they are concerned about a reduction in the number of destinations they can choose to fly to, and 24% are worried about a reduction in the number of airlines they can fly with, if airport slot rules remain the same", Gatwick said.

The UK’s slot regulations were suspended during the pandemic. Gatwick and Wizz Air are now calling for them to be "urgently reinstated" for summer 2022 "now that passenger numbers are expected to rise significantly".

The UK Government is currently consulting on slot rules for summer 2022. "Provisions under the existing 80/20 slot competition safeguarding regulations are adequate and provide enough targeted and proportionate protection for airlines in situations like these," Gatwick said.
The EU already extended slot relief rules for airlines through summer 2022 but raised the bar to a 64 percent minimum use, up from 50 percent in winter.
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