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Ryanair mocks British Airways and Heathrow

, © Ryanair

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LONDON - Ryanair adds over one million seats to its winter schedules to and from 20 UK airports "in response to British Airways’ announcement that it will cancel 8 percent of its winter schedule due to staff shortages and capacity cuts" at "hopeless Heathrow" airport. The Irish LCC expects to carry more passengers this year.

Ryanair expects to see its full year traffic grow from an original target of 165m to over 166.5m passengers this year and adds capacity to the UK market.

"While BA are cancelling 8 percent of their winter schedule due to staff shortages and Hopeless Heathrow’s capacity restrictions, Ryanair is now adding more capacity - over 1 million low-fare seats - to our largest ever UK winter schedule," Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary said.

British Airways announced this week to curb its winter schedule by 10,000 flights, while Heathrow airport extended its capacity limit cap of 100,000 departing passengers daily through October.
© | Image: Ryanair | 25/08/2022 10:27

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