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Stansted Express restores capacity

Stansted Airport
Stansted Airport, © Stansted Airport

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LONDON - Rail operator Greater Anglia is boosting Stansted Express rail services as a result of the strong recovery of the airport from the pandemic.

The number of trains between London Stansted and Liverpool Street doubled to four an hour during the morning and evening weekday peaks by May 22.

"Passenger numbers are almost back to pre-pandemic levels, with more than 25 million passing through the terminal in the last year," Standsted Airport said in a statement. "2.4 million passengers used the airport in April alone, its busiest month since September last year, and demand is expected to continue to rise moving into the summer."

Although the airport welcomes the increase, it continues to make the case for the return of the full service, that was in place before the pandemic, to support the most convenient and reliable rail service possible.
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