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Transatlantic demand spurs traffic rebound at Heathrow

London Heathrow Airport
London Heathrow Airport, © HAL

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LONDON - Summer holidays spur passenger demand across the UK. Heathrow Airport reports a 38.1 percent increase in passenger numbers for July. Holiday and intercontinental travel is showing robust signs of improvement - with one particular destination in the US proving extremely popular among Brits this summer.

Heathrow Airport rebounds to 7.6 million July passengers, "averaging nearly a quarter of a million passengers a day," the airport said.

While overall traffic volumes still trail pre-Covid benchmarks, Heathrow highlights a 38.1 year-over-year increase in passenger numbers.

"With poor weather in Britain over July, Brits raced to get some summer sun," Heathrow said. "Over 73,000 passengers flew to Turkey in July, the busiest month ever for the destination. Departures to Gibraltar, Portugal and Italy have also all been close to record levels, proving popular destinations for sun seekers."

Among the over 100 international routes served from Heathrow, "the Big Apple tops the charts as the most popular destination, with passengers taking advantage of the 31 daily flights from Heathrow to New York," according the Heathrow.
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