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Ryanair snaps Easyjet slots at Stansted

Stansted Airport, © STN

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LONDON - Ryanair expands its Standsted base this winter season with the acquisition of nearly 300 weekly slots from rival Easyjet. The airlines already swapped STN summer slots as Easyjet closes its Stansted post to focus on its London Luton and London Gatwick bases after the crisis.

Ryanair aqcuired 296 weekly slots from Easyjet, reports citing recently updated ACL disclosures. The swap to Ryanair will become effective by November.

Ryanair already took over Easyjet's summer slot at Standsted as the competitor moves on to focus Luton and Gatwick.

According to data Easyjet UK and Easyjet Europa will only retain a combined 58 weekly slots at Stansted, while Ryanair will grow to control roughly 80 percent of capacity at the airport.
© | Image: Stansted Airport | 28/06/2021 10:18

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