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Gatwick Airport returns South Terminal to service

British Airways Airbus A3219 at Gatwick
British Airways Airbus A319 at Gatwick, © British Airways

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LONDON - Gatwick Airport reopenend its South Terminal Sunday and has gone from an airport with about 300 flights a day (26 March) to one operating around 570 flights (27 March) – making it the equivalent of opening a medium-sized airport overnight. The airport expects a busy summer season.

Gatwick has not used the South Terminal since it closed the facility during the pandemic on 15 June 2020.

"Many airlines that had been flying from the airport’s North Terminal for the last 21 months, have or are in the process of switching terminals between 27 March and 29 March, including major airlines such as British Airways, Wizz Air, Vueling, Ryanair, Aer Lingus and Norwegian," the airport said.

Easyjet, which will fly 120 routes from Gatwick – the most ever from the airport – will operate from both North and South Terminals. British Airways will also operate 35 short haul routes to destinations across Europe, Wizz Air 25 European routes and Vueling a total of 16 routes, all from the reopened South Terminal.

"A lot of work has gone into preparing our South Terminal," Gatwick CEO Stewart Wingate said. "After a difficult two years, we know there is significant pent-up demand for international travel, so I advise passengers to book early to make sure they secure the flights they want this summer."
© | Image: Gatwick Airport | 28/03/2022 07:55

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