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Gatwick to curb summer capacity

Gatwick Airport
Gatwick Airport, © Gatwick Airport

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LONDON - Following a further review of its operation Gatwick is temporarily moderating its rate of growth for July and August by putting in place a gradually increasing capacity level at the airport, which aligns its growth trajectory with airlines and ground handler’s resource capabilities. 

"This action will then allow airlines to fly and manage more predictable and reliable flight programmes for the rest of the peak school summer holiday period", Gatwick said. The airport experienced a series of delays and flight cancellations recently that frustrated airlines and passengers alike.

During this peak holiday period, the airport will "carefully and gradually" increase its declared capacity - starting at 825 flights a day in July and then up to 850 flights a day in August.

Gatwick has already seen over 10 million passengers travel through the airport in the first six months of this year and is committed to helping its airline customers to deliver the best and most reliable service possible over the next few months. 

An airport review found that a number of companies based at Gatwick are, and will continue to, operate with a "severe lack of staff resource"s over the summer holiday period. "If not addressed, this issue would see airport passengers continuing to experience an unreliable and potentially poor standard of service, including more queues, delays and last-minute cancellations", the airport reasoned.

In particular, the curbs will benefit ground handling companies, who are employed by the airlines and are responsible for managing check in areas, turning aircraft round on the airfield ready for departure, and loading and delivering baggage back to passengers.
© | Image: Gatwick Airport | 17/06/2022 14:04

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