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British Airways to scrap more flights

British Airways Airbus A320neo
British Airways Airbus A320neo, © British Airways

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LONDON - Staff shortages meet demand peaks: British Airways is canceling 10,300 additional short-haul flights through October to stabilize its schedule and "protect as many of our holiday flights as possible". Pending labor action at Heathrow airport will not cause British Airways additional headaches.

British Airways has canceled a total of 13 percent of all flights this summer, according to the PA news agency.

"This new flexibility means that we can further reduce our schedule and consolidate some of our quieter services so that we can protect as many of our holiday flights as possible," British Airways said.

Meanwhile, the airline resolved a pay dispute with union Unite for 500 of its check-in desk staff at Heathrow. The union had put BA on notice for a strike during the busy summer season.
© | Image: British Airways | 08/07/2022 16:38

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