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UK to speed up space regulation

OneWeb launch, © OneWeb

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LONDON - A OneWeb launch sees 36 more UK-licenced OneWeb satellites put into orbit as the major constellation programme is completed.

The launch from India will bring the grand total UK Civil Aviation Authority licences for OneWeb alone to 298.

"This has seen the licencing and launch one of the World’s largest satellite constellations putting the UK space industry in the leading pack of the satellite space race", the CAA said.

The licencing process for each batch launch of up to 40 OneWeb satellites often takes "as little as six months for each full application" thanks continuous improvement of the regulatory process through feedback from operators like OneWeb.

"Completion of the OneWeb constellation is not only a major achievement for the UK space industry, it also marks a major milestone for UK space regulation," CAA Director of Space Regulation Tim Johnson said. "We have worked effectively with OneWeb ever since becoming the UK’s space regulator, licencing 298 of their satellites, which are now providing global satellite internet access from orbit."
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