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London City upgrades to CT scanners

London City Airport
London City Airport, © London City Airport

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LONDON - London City has made its strongest start to a year since the pandemic. In January, 217,000 passengers used the airport and 225,000 did so in February.

London City airport flags a strong 2023 start - with only the weather curbing growth.

"The February number, while up 82% on the previous year, was supressed by three days of significant fog disruption in and around the capital, causing a number of cancellations," the airport said. "Amsterdam, Edinburgh and Zurich remained the three busiest routes, with Zurich benefitting in particular by a resurgence in ski holidays".

With the best on time performance record of all London airports in 2022, the latest figures show 83% of all flights departing on schedule.

The airport invested in more speedy security lanes operational before easter. "LCY already has two new generation, CT security scanning lanes in operation," the airport said. In mid-March a third wasadded, and the last old generation machine taken out of service. "The final new generation lane will be added at the end of March, meaning anyone flying through LCY in the run up to Easter will be able to keep laptops and liquids up to two litres inside their bag."
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