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Heathrow passengers face strike disruptions

3D scanner at Heathrow
3D scanner at Heathrow, © Heathrow Airport

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LONDON - Union unite unleashed ten days of strikes involving over 1,400 security officers at Heathrow Airport as "last-ditch talks failed to resolve the current pay dispute". The airport is trying to mitigate the fallout of labor action on passengers as London-Heathrow braces for Easter traffic.

1,400 security officers at Heathrow airport go on a ten day strike. "The talks broke down because Heathrow Airport Limited failed to substantially improve its pay offer and was only prepared to offer a lump sum payment as an addition to the current offer," Unite said.

The current average salary of a Heathrow security guard is 30,000 GBP, according to the union. "That is down 24 per cent in real terms since 2017."

The strikes involves security officers at Terminal Five, which is used exclusively by British Airways, and Campus security guards, who are responsible for checking all cargo that enters the airport. "Huge disruption of all Heathrow flights will result", Unite said.

An airport spokesperson said, Heathrow was trying to avoid distruptions for passengers.
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