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Global Airlines to source pre-owned A380 aircraft

Airbus A380 MSN6, © Airbus

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LONDON - Holiday Swap sources Airbus A380 aircraft from Doric Aviation to venture into aviation: Global Airlines, a Holiday Swap company, is working towards transatlantic flights from spring 2024 with a fleet that will eventually include four pre-owned A380s in the 471 seat configuration of a previous operator.

Global Airlines is building an A380 fleet. "Unlike other new airlines, Global Airlines, with significant backing from investors and parent company Holiday Swap, has chosen to acquire its first aircraft from Doric Aviation rather than opting for the traditional leasing route," the start-up said.

The first A380 is MSN6 - an ex-Singapore-Airlines aircraft that had been in wet lease operation by Portuguese operator Hi Fly from 2018 to 2021 before being returned to Doric.

"The airline is already making progress in adding more A380 aircraft to its fleet, with three more acquisitions expected to join the fleet in the coming months," Global Airlines said.

The airline is expected to formally launch this summer and to outline in detail its passenger proposition, a number of unique industry partnerships, as well as future route networks and growth aspirations.
© | Image: Global Airlines | 02/06/2023 09:53

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