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Heathrow to raise 2023 passenger forecast

Heathrow Airport
London Heathrow Airport, © Heathrow Airport

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LONDON - Heathrow airport raised its passenger forecast for the remainder of 2023. The British Airways hub expects 79.3 million passengers by year-end now, compared to an earlier forecast within an 70 to 78 million passengers range. The airport also curbed its losses in the first nine months of 2023.

Britain's hub airport reclaimed the crown as "the most connected airport in the world" in 2023 with connections to over 214 destinations and more coming on board with flights to Peru and Turkmenistan this winter season.

"We've got a clear plan to connect all of Britain to global growth," new Heathrow CEO Thomas Woldbye said.

With 29 million passengers this summer, Heathrow stands at 59 million after first nine months of the year - 34.4 percent more than at the same time in 2022. The airport raised its 2023 passenger forecast to just shy of 80 million passengers.
© | Image: Heathrow Airport | 27/10/2023 14:34

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