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Stansted shy of 28 million passengers in 2023

Stansted Airport
Stansted Airport, © Stansted Airport

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LONDON - London Stansted rounded off a strong passenger performance in 2023 by welcoming more than two million passengers in December.

"The monthly total was an increase of 12.1% on the same month last year, and the busiest ever December recorded at the airport," Standsted airport said.

The total number of passengers that passed through the airport in 2023 reached 27.96 million in 2023, up a fifth on 2022 - marking the third busiest year ever for London Stansted.

"Operational performance in December remained solid, with over 96 percent of passengers passing through security in 15 minutes or less, with an average queue time of 4m 49s during the busiest departure peaks," the airport continued.
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